Degree Certificate is an important document, especially when you are applying for further studies abroad or job application, it is a document that certifies that a person has received specific education or has passed a test or series of tests. Degree Certificate can be procured from educational institute viz. College/University where the application has completed graduation/post-graduation/doctorate.We will require an authorisation letter from applicant in favour of SERVICES4NRI to represent the applicant. Where the College/University requires the application form to be filled and signed by applicant. We will obtain the application form and send it to the applicant. We will scan an image of the certificate and send it via email, where physical delivery is needed within India or international courier will be charged extra. We facilitates procurement of documents within India and cannot be held responsible for any mistakes/errors in name. We will endeavour its best efforts to get the document issued in English, however SERVICES4NRI will not be responsible for the issuance of document in vernacular language.

Note: SERVICES4NRI cannot be held responsible for any bureaucratic delays or delays due to insufficient or delayed information/documentation provided by the client.

Estimated time: Upto 4 weeks