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All-in-One Solution for NRI'S

Services4NRI is a Service Based Product offered by LuCDo Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in the region of Delhi/NCR, India. This is a Service Platform specially designed to cater the requirement of the NRI (Non-Resident Indians) Community. When NRI are coming back to India after a Long period and they need assistance around our Offered Services in India.



Saving the Travel cost and Time

Services4NRI.com will help the NRI’s to save time and travel cost by providing all the required services, without Travelling. Saving Travel time means saving your office hours means saving money.

Seem-less Delivery

Seem-less delivery means once you will enroll for the required service then you don’t need to be worried and we will make sure that the service, which you opted should be delivered on-time without any hassle.

Personal Care

We are committed to deliver the services in professional manner but few services like Health we require personal care also. Services4NRI is here to take care of your dependents with personal care, when they need you most.

24*7 Support

Since NRI’s are in different geographies and you might need us at any time, we will make sure our availability for your support 24*7.

Zero Dependency

Since you are living out of India and for paper or documentation or legal related services, you are dependent on your relatives or friends then it will be time consuming as well as you are taking an obligation from them. Connecting with us means zero dependency on other and 100% convenience.

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24/7 Support with Live Chat and Ticket System to resolve your issues in a flash.

Medical & Health Support


per year

Visit to resident whenever required

Help for dropping hospital/medical lab

Deliver all the medicine, doctor’s report etc.

Care and serve the dependents partner

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With Dependents for Dependents


per year

Medical & Health Support

Household Support

Support in Travelling

Any Other Support

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Support in Travelling


per year

Support for any travelling plan

If the requirement is for local travel, in that case also our team member will be there with family

Any Other Support

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